Social Responsibility

For Odebrecht Agroindustrial, People are the most important asset

The development of People is an essential factor that drives Business at Agroindustrial.

The success of working, social and humanistic practices, the strictest standards in health and safety at work and the development of the Communities have brought the Company recognition in the form of the following stamps:

  • Global Pact

    Initiative developed by the United Nations (UN) to mobilize the business community for the adoption of ten principles related to human rights, labor relations, the environment and the fight against corruption. Odebrecht Agroindustrial became a signatory in 2016.

  • Compromised Company

    Awarded by the National Commission of Dialogue and Evaluation of National Commitment for fulfilling all of the corporate practices set out in the National C and ommitment to Improve the Working Conditions in the Sugarcane industry. Odebrecht Agroindustrial has been a Committed Company since 2012.


Odebrecht Agroindustrial believes that investmensts should be made in human beings, the most important fator in productivity, even more than investing in machinery.

Since the setting up of the first Agroindustrial Unit, Odebrecht Agroindustrial has become an example as a company that transformed the reality of work in the bioenergy sector.

All of the planting and harvesting is 100% mechanized and the industrial operations utilize some of the most innovative platforms that exists in the sector.

In order to do this, the company needs qualified people who are engaged with and responsible for their activities goals and results. At Odebrecht Agroindustrial, each Member of Staff is the Owner of the Business.

The company hires and trains professionals in the areas where the Units are set up, fostering positive change in the economies of the municipalities by widening people’s skill and, generating income and services in the region.

The company has a number of Development Programs for its Staff, such as::

  • Operational Leader Program

    Looks at strengthening the spirit of the Owner of the Business, Frontline Leaders and Supervisors, stimulating and engaging them as Leader-Entrepeneurs of their business, producing results and developing as professionals and people.

  • Operational Leader Practical Program

    Seeks to work towards increasing the quality of the decision making process for Operational Leaders, reflecting the scenario and business.

  • Intern Program

    One of the main gateways to the work Market for young professionals and the first of the three cycles of professional development, transmitting the main notions of expected behavior and atitude to the young people who join the Organization.

  • Young Partner Program

    This is the second cycle of development for young professionals and aims to accelerate the knowledge about the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology, the OET.

  • Agroindustrial Young Professionals Program

    This is the last cycle of professional development and particularly in young professionals and leads to a much deeper knowledge of the sugar-energy business. The young professionals see close up the various operations and challenges in the diferent areas of the business. Thus, the Program teaches the young professional to live and use the entrepreneurial skills, techniques that are expected of a Leader to obtain and even surpass previous results.

  • Transfer of Knowledge Program

    This aims to bring the academic community closer to the environment of production. Through the means of practical classes, held at the operational side, university students have the opportunity to experience the reality of the company and absorb the teachings in a classroom environment.

Out of Company

Sustainability is one of the foundations that directs the Company's activities in its commitment to development of the Communities in the areas of influence around the projects. The social programs of the Organization aim to develop people and Communities as agents of their own destiny and of sustainable development.

The Company offers a number of Development Programs for the Communities, such as:

  • Believer

    Aims to qualify and prepare residents of the Community where the operations are based to meet, particularly, the demand generated by Odebrecht Agroindustrial business

  • Biking in the Cerrado

    The project setup the activity of cycle tourism in the Emas National Park, as a way to bring the local population closer to the park another way of teaching about the environment. Besides this, the projects trains tourism monitors in the municipality of Mineiros (GO) to work with biking in nature, fostering environmental conservation.

  • Cutting, Sewing and Handicraft Center

    Creation of a cooperative of seamstresses to manufacture uniforms and handicraft with the aim of meeting the demand of companies, local government, health clinics, municipal schools and universities in the region of Perolândia (GO) and generating income for 22 women in this rural area.

  • Expansion of the Pedro Ludovico School

    By expanding the Pedro Ludovido School, Cachoeira Alta (GO) can now offer over 300 places for Primary School each year.

  • Florestinha

    The project setup in Costa Rica (MS), aims to develop a “junior environmental patrol battalion” as a means to spread environmental concepts in the municipality through educational activities and school events.

  • More Sensitive Gardens

    Mineiros (GO) have received an instructive, ¬psychopedagogical and therapeutic space for people with mental or physical disabilities to live and experience in environmental education, emphasizing the senses through constructive elements of landscaping and engineering with accessibility.

  • Ribeirão dos Paulas

    Development the Association of Rural Producers of Ribeirão dos Paulas and its surrounding area, in Cachoeira Alta (GO), with 10 families, whose objective is to broaden their production capacity and generate income.

  • Songs and Riddles of the Cerrado Region

    With the objective of preserving and reviving the cultural traditions of the Cerrado region and teach the new generations the popular expressions of the municipality,  book and CD sets, filled with rhyms, riddles, stories and traditional tales of the Costa Rica (MS) region were distributed to teachers of the state schools in the area.

  • Strengthening Family Agriculture

    Structuring ‘Coopermin’ as a model organization for local family agriculture, dealing directly with the 30 rural producers and their family and indirectly with students from the state schools and the whole population of Mineiros (GO) and the region by offering quality products.

  • Transforming the Young through Art

    This project, based in Teodoro Sampaio (SP), aims to take young people out of areas of risk and social vulnerability, and bring them to a more sociable environment that allows them to recover some creative and social independence with possible social benefit.