The Santa Luzia Hub celebrates its inaugural class in the new degree course

Providing a higher qualification in the sugar∕alcohol industry is fruit of a partnership between Odebrecht Agroindustrial and UEMS


This Tuesday (the 23rd) witnessed the inaugural class of the advanced course in Technology in Sugar-alcohol Production, created through a cooperative agreement between Odebrecht Agroindustrial and UEMS (the State University of Mato Grosso do Sul).

Aimed at Staff Members of the Santa Luzia Hub, the first class was made up of 50 students who were picked through a selection process. The classes are daily and in person, and the course lasts two and a half years.

"Our objective is to develop operational and supervisory Leaders in the agricultural, industrial and vehicle maintenance sectors, who will receive a grant of 50% as an academic incentive", explains Fabiano Pontes, superintendent of the Santa Luzia Hub. "By investing in their education, we will strengthen our structure and our ability to overcome challenges."

Besides Odebrecht Agroindustrial that helps to finance the course, and UEMS, that is  responsible for the academic side, the initiative also has a partner in Fundect (the Foundation for the Supports of Development Teaching, Science and Technology for the state of Mato Grosso do Sul) to hire teachers, and the City of Nova Alvorada do Sul, supporting the venture with facilities, textbooks and logistics of the educators.

"The Staff Members are our best source for innovation. By creating this personal development incentive, we create an environment that is more energetic and creative, leading to permanent results for the business as a whole. Education is the key for developing any professional. It's extremely rewarding to see the performance and satisfaction of the students. We will continue going down this path", says Genésio Couto, vice president for People, Sustainability and Communication at Odebrecht Agroindustrial. "Furthermore, when we encourage education, we contribute to the economic and social development of the community."

The first class was given by Genésio Couto and was attended by local authorities and leaders from Odebrecht Agroindustrial.