Ethical Conduct

Odebrecht Agroindustrial’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets

Odebrecht Agroindustrial seeks to be recognized as a responsible company focused on quality, productivity, sustainability and valuing people.

To this end, a high environmental, social and economic performance is required, as well as a kind of conduct consistent with the values of the Odebrecht Group.

In this way, Odebrecht Agroindustrial relies on the Code Ethical Conductor for Members of Staff and a Code of Ethical Conduct for Suppliers.

The Code of Ethical Conduct was created to guide all Staff Members and Suppliers to show more and more correct behavior, compatible with the values of the Odebrecht Group.

Harvesting Ideas

The Odebrecht Agroindustrial Harvesting Ideas is a communication channel provided by the company so that its Staff, Suppliers and Partners can suggest ideas to the company in a safe and responsible way, as well as pass on their worries about violations to the Odebrecht Agroindustrial’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

Users need not identify themselves and should access one of the means of communication provided by Odebrecht Agroindustrial Harvesting Ideas to transmit their ideas or worries.

Internet: The user should select the subject he∕she would like to deal with and fill out the respective form (should he∕she wish to do so) and can also attach documents that would clarify the reason for the contact. For best use of this channel, the user can follow the instructions on the right-hand side of the screen. To access the Harvesting Ideas site, click here.

0800 721 8434 (Free call telefone line): The call is received on an answering machine. Before making any comment, the user is advised, on a recorded message, on how to report his∕her ideas or worries.

Return-Post Letter: This is available at specific spots in Odebrecht Agroindustrial or its Units. The user should fill out the various fields and put down their suggestion or worry. Once done, the form should be sealed and sent free through the postal service.

Important: Odebrecht Agroindustrial Harvesting Ideas should not be used to communicate ongoing emergencies such as: fire, physical attacks, vandalismo or iminente criminal acts.


Corporate Governance

Transparency is the foundation for corporate governance at Odebrecht Agroindustrial

Transparency is infused in all Odebrecht Agroindustrial’s action with its various stakeholders and is a concern present in Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (OET).

Governance at Odebrecht Agroindustrial sets out the need for a qualified quorum to approve particular competences from the Administrative Council and the Stockholders Meeting, guaranteeing that minority stockholders take part in certain relevant decisions. The Board is elected by the Administrative Council and is made up of members nominated by the controller. 

Composition of Stockholders

Members of the Administration
Newton de Souza
Daniel Vilar
Luciano Guidolin
Marcela Drehmer
Mauricio Roberto Ferro
Independent *
(*) to be identified


Executive Director
Luiz de Mendonça
Corporate Leader
Alexandre Perazzo
Amaury Pekelman
Celso Ferreira
Fabiano Zillo 
Genésio Lemos Couto 
Luciano Dequech 
Luiz Alberto Marques 
Marcelo Mancini